Friday, February 1, 2013

Mommy brain

Want to know the dumbest thing that I have said out loud in a long time? We were talking about taxes at lunch at work a few days ago, when I got the brilliant idea that my 30ish-weeks-pregnant coworker should wait until after she has the baby to file her taxes. You know, so she can claim the baby and get the deduction.

Idiot. As in: Why do I have to be such an idiot?

You guys, I got laughed at. And I keep telling this story because maybe if I get enough laughs out of it, it will detract from the fact that I seriously think there is a part of my brain that never fully recovered from pregnancy. And I only have one kid.

So looking through my pictures, it's not surprising that I seriously cannot remember what happened when. We went to St. George for Thanksgiving and did apples at my parents, but there was also another trip to St. George somewhere in there. Was it before or after Halloween? I seriously have no idea, and Norah skipped her nap today, which has left my brain foggier than usual.

I do remember that Nic stayed home and Norah was happy and well during our first trip to St. George. We visited grandparents, swam in the pool, and swam in the river.

Our second trip to St. George was for Thanksgiving. Nic drove us in the truck with the camper, and when we got in town late at night, Norah woke up and proclaimed, "Good job, Dad. This be awesome!" The next day she slept through Thanksgiving dinner, then made me feel like mom of the year by throwing up all over the floor as I tried to force her to eat just a little turkey. Again with the defiling other people's carpet. She seemed good the next day when we went to Zion's, but then threw up all the way home. We seriously cannot take this kid anywhere.

And apples! Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Dennis came to Grandma Wendy's, and it blew Norah's mind to have all the grandparents in the same room, existing right alongside each other.

Somewhere in there, this also happened. Which, I'm sure is the first of many makeup incidents to come. You know, because my brain is no longer fully functional.