Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coincidence of wants

Hobbes' hospital stay combined with taxes left Nic and I sans extra spending money. Me, I started packing my lunch. Nic? He just got pretty much everything he wanted for free. Really, it's kind of infuriating in that I'm super jealous and wish I had SOME sort of mad skills that I could use for barter.

First, he wanted new tires for his Coronet. No problem. Nic worked on this guy's car one Saturday morning and he straight up gave him the EXACT wheels and tires Nic has apparently always wanted.

Next, Nic is almost ready to paint his Coronet. Well, it just so happens that he is friends with some guys at a paint shop who also need some work done. Now, Nic has free paint and primer for life.

After paint, Nic needs a new exhaust system. The same guy who gave Nic the tires has a friend who does exhaust and also needs some work done. New exhaust? Check it off the list.

Beyond these large-ticket items, Nic has also worked out a deal to fix his brother-in-law's boat for a wiring harness and somehow picked up a free radiator. And this is just the stuff that he's told me about recently.

I learned about coincidence of wants in an economy unit years ago, but didn't think that it actually existed much anymore; not a whole lot of people looking to trade a chicken for a barrel of wheat or whatever. But Nic has taught me that you really don't need money to get what you want; you just have to have something that you can trade.

Anybody out there need some editing done?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since 1949

After six kids and 60 years of marriage, Blaine and Genevieve are still as great as ever. The only change that concerns me is my granny's sudden change of opinion on the baby front. Now, instead of kids ruining my life, I'm supposed be all aboard the baby train.

I just hope Nic wasn't paying too much attention; he doesn't need to know that I've lost another member of my team to team baby.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Letting him lie, part III

In the ten minutes it took me to get ready for Easter dinner, Nic fell asleep and Sup decided that he was an ideal pillow. This is a prime example of how, despite their size, I've also taught Sup and Moxie that they still qualify as lap dogs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Letting him lie, part II

It's not uncommon to find Sup passed out right in the middle of doing something. Tonight he fell asleep while destroying Nic's socks--a habit I taught him years ago and still think is funny even though I replace A LOT of socks.