Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Granny's warning

For my Granny Gen's eightieth birthday party, all her sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and friends each wrote down some of our favorite memories of her and gave them to her in a book. One question everyone wrote about was what we admire most about Gen. My answer: Her honesty. That's the short answer. Really, what I meant was that my granny tells it like it is.

Case in point: Being young and married, the subject of children comes up a lot in family conversations. My granny has six children, five of them boys. Her advice to me and Nic: "Don't ruin your life by having kids." The funny thing--to me and Nic anyway--is that she gives this advice freely, with no reservations, in front of her own children (and anyone else who is around). So as Nic and I said our goodbyes when leaving Gen's eightieth birthday party, the last thing we heard as we walked out the door was, "Don't ruin your life!"

Thanks for the boost, Granny, I knew we were still too young to be parents. And it's nice to know that at least we have one person on our side.

Here's a picture of my granny, grandpa, and all five of their boys--my dad is on the far right. They look nice enough right?

And here's me and Nic, happily childless...for now at least.

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