Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Minus the new car smell

The past month has been an exciting one for Nic: He got the Coronet running! And even though Olive and I don't always get along (Alissa, you know what I'm talking about), I have to say that our little Nicolas has some serious talent and I'm SO excited for him. I mean look at how this car started out:

It's nuts! He made an entire new vehicle. BY HIMSELF. He even sewed the seats. Who does that?

The puppies are in love as always. All they are thinking is: You mean Nic really likes this? I HAVE to sit in it! Let me in! What? Erin who?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This means I'm going to start cooking. Really.

Remember back in May when I decided to cut meat out of my diet for a month? It went really well, but then I inevitably got lazy again and started eating whatever from wherever. Well now I'm totally hosed because yesterday I saw Food Inc. And talk about a downer. OK, maybe not a downer so much as it just made me really, really upset. Upset enough to start cooking my own food. And for me that. is. a. big. deal.

I understand that I can't move to a farm and become totally self sufficient, but there are some things I can do. For example, we bought a quarter of a hog from Nic's friend and that's how we're going to get our meat from now on. I will also be stealing a lot of produce from my mother's garden and signing up for Winder Dairy again.

I promise not to be crazy about it, even though Nic already thinks I am. If you see the movie, you'll understand.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sup hearts MJ?

Sup had a little too much fun on his Fourth of July weekend, ended up with a messed up pad, and this was the only way we could stop him from the incessant licking. I was just thinking we could throw a few silver sequins on that thing and we'd have ourselves a pretty decent tribute.