Sunday, July 19, 2009

This means I'm going to start cooking. Really.

Remember back in May when I decided to cut meat out of my diet for a month? It went really well, but then I inevitably got lazy again and started eating whatever from wherever. Well now I'm totally hosed because yesterday I saw Food Inc. And talk about a downer. OK, maybe not a downer so much as it just made me really, really upset. Upset enough to start cooking my own food. And for me that. is. a. big. deal.

I understand that I can't move to a farm and become totally self sufficient, but there are some things I can do. For example, we bought a quarter of a hog from Nic's friend and that's how we're going to get our meat from now on. I will also be stealing a lot of produce from my mother's garden and signing up for Winder Dairy again.

I promise not to be crazy about it, even though Nic already thinks I am. If you see the movie, you'll understand.


Rick Wilcox said...

Thanks for the warning. I won't watch the movie.

Alissa Rae King said...

i ate a sugar snap pea out of my garden today! it's the only edible thing that has shown itself in my sad square of dirt that russell has turned into a jungle for his imagination. the pumpkin plants made pretty flowers and then died! so rude. next time I am going to plant fish with my corn. And jon's going deep sea fishing with pat on wednesday if you want some fresh tuna steaks. YUUUuum.