Sunday, March 29, 2009

Letting him lie

Sup decided long ago that he prefers to sleep on the cold tile in the bathroom. It is, however, still a surprise late at night when you flip on the light and almost step on a big pile of dog (who is sleeping upside down, propped up against the wall).

Monday, March 23, 2009

For Josh

My brother Josh makes the best banana bread that I have ever tasted. I'm not even kidding when I say that I could probably eat a whole batch of the batter like a milk shake. Josh, however, lives far far away and can no longer supply me with the banana bread I require. So it was the thought of this deliciousness that inspired me to actually go to the grocery store and buy all the supplies necessary to bake a tasty treat.

I waited until the bananas got brownish and when I realized I still hadn't made any bread I got the bright idea to put the bananas in the freezer until I was good and ready. You can probably guess what problem I ran in to: Frozen and then unfrozen bananas are NASTY. Let this be a lesson to you all.

Josh, I blame you for my lack of banana bread. And for anyone who is interested in the best banana bread recipe ever, check out Crust & Crumb.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hobbes is looking for a job

Why does my cat require employment? Because he now owes me $1,500.

This little kitty has been at the vet all weekend after a trip to the pet urgent care on Thursday night. I found him in the basement hardly able to move, and apparently unable to pee. (Crystals can form in a cat's urine, who knew?) So the emergency vet put him under, inserted a catheter, and put him on IV fluids to clear out the blockage in his urinary tract. The next morning we took him to the regular vet who had him over the weekend until Hobbes decided he had had enough and took out his own catheter Sunday morning.

Now Hobbes is home and Sally (his sister) can finally relax. However, the new problem is that Hobbes is required to eat only prescription cat food from now on but refuses to eat anything but Indoor Formula Meow Mix. Sorry buddy, but no more ten-dollar-a-bag cat food for you!

I may also now be in the market for pet insurance. Any advice? I can think of a lot of things I could buy for $1,500. You'd think Hobbes would be a little more grateful.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Miles

Everyone around here has accepted the fact that I'm going to keep bringing home strange dogs. After Brownie was adopted, I went to West Valley Animal Shelter to pick up Miles, a six-year-old chocolate Lab who was picked up as a stray in Salt Lake. It's sad how big of a toll these shelters take on dogs; Miles is about ten pounds under weight and has a nasty case of kennel cough. He is, however, doing really well and is a sweet, happy little puppy. The good news is that we've got a couple coming over tonight to meet Miles and so he may be adopted before we've had him for even a week!

UPDATE: Miles has a new home! As soon as he's over his kennel cough he'll be going to live with his new family, which includes three other Labs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

loldogs go to heaven

Thanks to Chris, I now have my very own personalized loldog:

LOL! More can be seen at Thanks to Nic, Moxie, Sup, and Brownie for taking up the whole bed and leaving me out of it.

Other possible captions include:




Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppies heart cars

We've gotten into a new habit at our house on Saturday mornings. Me, I like to sleep in. Nic, not so much. So instead of me trying to make Nic sleep in or Nic trying to get me up (which almost always ends badly) Nic spends his Saturday mornings at his shop working on his Coronet. The only stipulation? He has to take the puppies so I can rest in peace.

Nic usually ends up getting up earlier than he does on the weekdays so he can spend as much time with his car as possible. And if the alarm isn't good enough to get him out of bed, all he has to do is ask Moxie if she wants to go to the shop and it's over, no more sleep.

What I love about Saturday mornings is how in love our dogs are with Nic's cars. No matter what else is going on, they always have to be around to inspect his work. These pictures are from last Saturday after Nic had shot a fresh coat of primer. Sup's face kills me in the second picture: He's totally ready to go for a drive.