Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppies heart cars

We've gotten into a new habit at our house on Saturday mornings. Me, I like to sleep in. Nic, not so much. So instead of me trying to make Nic sleep in or Nic trying to get me up (which almost always ends badly) Nic spends his Saturday mornings at his shop working on his Coronet. The only stipulation? He has to take the puppies so I can rest in peace.

Nic usually ends up getting up earlier than he does on the weekdays so he can spend as much time with his car as possible. And if the alarm isn't good enough to get him out of bed, all he has to do is ask Moxie if she wants to go to the shop and it's over, no more sleep.

What I love about Saturday mornings is how in love our dogs are with Nic's cars. No matter what else is going on, they always have to be around to inspect his work. These pictures are from last Saturday after Nic had shot a fresh coat of primer. Sup's face kills me in the second picture: He's totally ready to go for a drive.


Stefanie said...

That is SO funny! Cute dogs! (I wish I lived somewhere where I could have one!) Which car is this one? Is Mater all finished?

Rick Wilcox said...

He looks like Sadie ready for a ride. No jumping around and whining like Boomer, just calmly looking forward to the experience.

Alissa Rae King said...

hey! good saturday plan! i love that the puppies think that nic needs their help. How did he ever survive without them?!