Thursday, January 12, 2012

A few faves

I haven't been blogging a lot lately for many reasons, one of which is because I've been too busy reading other people's blogs. You guys, other people are so entertaining and it doesn't take any of my brainpower to read how awesome they are. Best of all, at the end of the year many shared their favorites from 2011. Favorite books, movies, TV shows--you know the drill. Made me think about my top picks, which brings you this not-at-all-comprehensive list of my absolute favorites from last year, in no particular order:

If you haven't read Bossypants, READ BOSSYPANTS. Actually, listen to Bossypants because Tina Fey narrates. True story: Her rules of improvisation totally changed my world view.

If my mom or mother-in-law were to ever watch this movie, I would deny its existence. But since I'm pretty sure neither of them will ever see it, Bridesmaids was my favorite movie of the year. Another true story: This movie nearly made me pee my pants.

Webster's word of the year was "pragmatic." Mine was "hangry." It's a combination of hungry and angry that I experience almost daily. Jessica suggested that we print out a bunch of these cards and hand them out to people we've wronged as a result of hanger. I owe Nic an entire stack.

My new celebrity crush came to my attention because of my second favorite movie of the year, 50/50. Oh, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, you are nerdy and adorable, just like I like 'em.

Nic also has a new favorite celeb worth mentioning: Emma Stone. This is a HUGE improvement from Megan Fox, his previous pick. Am I right?

The most listened-to album in our house was Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons. It's folksy and delightful and is something that both Nic and I can agree on.

Because this is my list of whatever I want, I get to have a favorite medical procedure--and this year I choose the colonoscopy. This unpleasant procedure made it possible for my mom to be around for many more years. And you guys, I need her.

I'll end with my favorite picture from this year. This image captures exactly how I feel about Norah and how I always hope we will see each other. I kind of wish that I could bottle this moment and live in it forever.