Friday, October 24, 2008

Celebrity crush

It doesn't bother me that Nic has a crush on someone other than me. And it's no secret that I have my own thing for another guy. But what I absolutely love is the complete difference between our current movie star objects of affection.

Take Nic's girl of choice for example:

Megan Fox--we call her the Transformers girl because I don't think we've seen her in anything else. She makes Nic lose all concentration. And while she is beautiful, apparently she also manages to "get around" (nudge, nudge) and I don't recommend doing a Google images search for her. Sorry, Nic.

Now check out my pick:

You may know him as George Michael, Evan, Paulie Bleaker or, most recently, Nick (coincidence?). I know him as my current celebrity swoon and am completely captivated by his nervous shyness and love of hooded sweatshirts paired with old corduroy pants. Oh Michael Cera, could you be any more adorable?

Needless to say I'll be purchasing Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and we'll be in line next summer for Transformers 2. Until then I'll continue to ponder what our celebrity preferences say about us as a couple. I suppose that, like politics, this is just another area where we'll agree to disagree (or get annoyed with each other because we don't see eye to eye, whatever).


Stefanie said...

I LOVE it! That's hilarious.

lissarae said...

I am sitting at my little desk in my room in the dark with Jon fast asleep and I suddenly had to swallow this big laugh and it make me feel like I was choking!!

Choking on air.

That is what you do to me!!