Monday, May 11, 2009

The experiment

My dad once briefly mentioned an episode "This American Life" that was all about slaughter houses. Apparently one of the crew members never ate meat again after spending a day at a hog processing plant. Now, I do have a secret crush on Ira Glass, but I've purposely never watched that episode because I always thought I would end up like the crew member who couldn't eat meat again--and meat is very tasty. Oh, I also skipped the chapter in Fast Food Nation about the meat-packing industry for the same reason. Plus, Nic has to have meat with every meal and do I really want to create more foods that he likes and I don't?

So I'm experimenting with my own version of vegetarianism just for the month of May. I say it's my own version because I'm including seafood in my diet and that doesn't really count as actually being vegetarian; I just want to see how I feel cutting other meats out of my eating habits.

Nic is being surprisingly supportive considering this pretty much goes against his entire upbringing. He did, however, make me promise to go to Goodwood with him on June 1.


Alissa Rae King said...

i don't eat pork anymore because my dad told me *DELETED FOR YOUR PROTECTION* and it made me cry. i don't miss it. and turkey bacon is alright. and i don't eat red meat often because I can't cook and eating out with the kids is awesome (catch the sarcasm there) and i don't eat chicken often because again with the cooking thing. Can i be an unwilling participant in your experiment?

Anonymous said...

Erin--This is Jessica. My old boss was vegetarian, but ate seafood all the time. I always think I could be vegetarian (because I LOVE veggies and side dishes) until Josh makes something super yummy, and then I am back to being a meat lover, just like that.

Good Luck on your vegetarianism.

Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

OOOH good luck with that! That's a very worthwhile experiment. And I know there are all sorts of variations on vegetarians so you're fine eating seafood. Besides - I couldn't not eat seafood. It's too yummy!