Monday, August 18, 2008

Gunner's weekend

We met Gunner on Saturday night when we coaxed her into the car and out of traffic on Bangerter Highway. Without a phone number to call, all we had to go off of was her dog license number from Riverton city. The police offered to take her to Animal Control until Monday, but how sad is that?

So Gunner spent the weekend at our house.

Moxie and Sup were excited to have a new friend, but were confused when Gunner didn't want to wrestle. So they wrestled and Gunner slept.

This morning Nic called and found Gunner's family and I drove to meet them and give them back their dog. The lady was so happy she was crying and offering money and kept hugging me. It turns out that Gunner has cancer and seems to be forgetting a lot of things lately. You could tell she hadn't forgotten her family though--she was doing a little happy dance the whole time.

I'm just glad that Gunner's family loves her, because this weekend I also learned that three dogs is way too many.

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