Monday, August 25, 2008

Paint problems

"Puke yellow" is what Nic called the color of our kitchen area the other day. Honestly, it's not that bad, but since we're going to redo the flooring, I thought I'd take the opportunity to paint the walls at the same time.

No problem. I've changed the paint in all the other rooms, so why not the main floor?

I started on Saturday with Antique White. Sunday I decided I didn't like it--I wanted a bit more contrast with the bead board.

Then I chose to stick with yellow, just not so bold. I bought a gallon of Lemon Chiffon. Bad idea. Way too Easter egg/sidewalk chalk-esque.

So now I've officially wasted a good five or so hours edging our main floor with two colors and am still unsatisfied and have yet to determine a new course of action.

But if anyone wants a gallon of Antique White or Lemon Chiffon interior paint, you now know where to get it. I, however, can no longer be trusted with large amounts of paint and will only be purchasing quart-sized (or is it pint-sized?) quantities from now on.

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