Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since 1949

After six kids and 60 years of marriage, Blaine and Genevieve are still as great as ever. The only change that concerns me is my granny's sudden change of opinion on the baby front. Now, instead of kids ruining my life, I'm supposed be all aboard the baby train.

I just hope Nic wasn't paying too much attention; he doesn't need to know that I've lost another member of my team to team baby.


firecracker said...

I like the new blunt bang. Very cute!

Alissa Rae King said...


before i even read this i thought "i wonder if that is the wise grandma who tells her not to have kids, usually at family functions surrounded by her children and grandchildren.... i better not write anything about that, maybe it's a secret" and then I read your post

and yeah, you're still my favorite, right after grandma of course

Julia M. said...

Ben tells me he's accompanying you and Nic on a whole bunch of trips, and I'm not invited. Awesome. Maybe it was because I didn't get to laugh at the fork explosion. I don't know.

I love the picture of Blaine and Granny! They're the best. I think Granny just wants to see your kids before she dies. That's all. You might have 10 year yet. :) We still need to go to Europe!

Connie and Jimbob said...

This was such a fun event, wasn't it? Granny is still here at my house and she says over and over what a wonderful day it was. Maybe the party made her decide that kids DON'T ruin your life after all...hahaha!

Stefanie said...

(waves hand) eh, you guys are still young! Too bad Granny switched teams though.