Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Percocet and pie

The day after Nic had his knee surgery, he decided it would be a good idea to make pie for Thanksgiving--three different kinds of pie actually. And not knowing how involved pie making is--and willing to do anything to indulge my pill-popping husband--I agreed. (My mom could barely believe that Nic somehow convinced me to do this; I think she almost cried.)

We moved a loveseat over to the kitchen so Nic could elevate his leg and read me the directions from The New Best Recipe cookbook--which actually worked out perfect because I hate reading any sort of directions (especially directions without pictures) and Nic wasn't supposed to walk around yet.

In the end I'm glad we did it--we had a lot of fun--but I'm also glad I didn't know that it would end up taking us six hours to bake a pecan, pumpkin, and apple pie. And, oh boy, were our pies tasty. My mother would be so proud!

Here's a sampling of their deliciousness:

Oh, we even made the crusts from scratch...just FYI.


Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

Oh my word you're amazing!!!!

Rick Wilcox said...
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Rick Wilcox said...

I'm glad Nic is feeling better and nothing makes you feel better than pie.

Alissa Rae King said...

my word, they ARE pretty! you must have been getting high of the fumes of his painkillers to be willing to do this, though. I'm very impressed!