Monday, November 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance dance dance

So I'm lame and didn't bring a camera with me to California, which means there are no pictures of the GINORMOUS swap meet outside the Rose Bowl. But here's me and Alice, the sweetest, nicest baby that will ever trick you into thinking that you can have your own babies and be just fine. I kind of don't think she is for real--but then there she is being all pleasant and charming and perfect.

Between talking, shopping, and lounging, we officially decided that from now on, Alissa and I MUST attend each SYTYCD tour. Because we're twelve. And because we can. Have I ever mentioned my love for Phillip? I heart him SO much!

Here's a taste of his awesomeness:

A big thanks to Alissa (and Jon!) for a great vacation. I can't wait to come back! Seriously, can I come back now?


Stefanie said...

SWEET!!! I'm jealous :)

Alissa Rae King said...

yes! come back NO! Monday I'm going to tell Russell I love him and then they are going to have to escort me out of the LIVE TAPING! omg, what are you doing?! why aren't you back already? I said YES!!

Alissa Rae King said...



it should say come back NOW not "come back NO" which sounds more like turrets syndrome than a spelling error, so I want to be clear. Why aren't you in your car?