Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday wish

For my birthday, Nic picked up the Ugg boots I ordered for myself and got me a new motorcycle! It's been too snowy to ride, but my new bike starts with the push of a button AND is complete with a kickstand and headlight. According to Nic, the motorcycle I had before was way more high performance, but all that meant to me was that I kept fouling spark plugs and could hardly ride it. This bike is like the golf cart of dirt bikes: perfect for me!

Besides my new boots and new ride, I had just one birthday wish. Anyone who has seen Nic in the past few months could not miss his growing chin hair. Pictured here in all its glory, it got to the point where I could braid it. Ewww. For weeks I've been asking if I could just chop it off; but the more I asked, the more he resisted. So finally, as my birthday wish, he let me take the scissors to what I called his Fu Manchu. Best birthday wish ever. Don't be mad Nic, but thanks for indulging me.

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