Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting out

This is the second year that Nic has participated in the Keep On Rollin' charity car show at Brighton. Last year he won the Diamond in the Rough award for his Coronet; this year he actually got to drive it up the canyon instead of towing it on a trailer, which is a huge deal to him. Norah and I came up on our own because we require much more Saturday nap time and need air conditioning in our vehicle.

Norah was a champ. She went to the car show and took a stroller ride around Silver Lake all without giving me any anxiety at all. She is seriously such a good baby.

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Julia M. said...

I remember when Phineas was 4 weeks old and we actually watched a movie together sans baby. I thought, "I guess life really can be normal!" It is so overwhelming at first. I'm impressed you took her out! What a good baby.