Tuesday, May 17, 2011

About the stuff and the things

So...I haven't updated in a while. Not because there's been a lack of material; it's more of a lack of motivation. You see, season 4 of Mad Men is on DVD and I'm just so tired. It's way better to ogle the secretaries and wish I had access to their wardrobes instead of actually doing something after Norah goes to bed.

But. But! I have made actual meals at least four or five times in the last two weeks. I do believe that is more than I have cooked the entire year. No wonder I'm exhausted, right? We've also made our yard look respectable and Nic is nearly done tiling my bathroom. Oh, oh, I also starting going to yoga and spin again. And, and I've also stopped pushing the snooze button ten times meaning I don't regularly look like a hot mess at work. It's the little victories.

With the warmer weather Norah has embraced grass as an acceptable crawling surface. That means lots of plants, and dirt, and what is that? in her mouth at all times. It's good for her, right?

And can I tell you about her hair? She was born basically bald but with three long strands sticking out up top. Now that's multiplied to this:

Which reminds me of this:

I suppose I could try to tame her hairs, but, no, it's just not going to happen right now.

She's just so...awesome. Like, full of awe and also ahhhh. All of the sudden she's turning into a little person with opinions and likes and dislikes and how did this happen?

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siouxzy said...

i love her tweety hair.