Monday, June 6, 2011

Warming up

Last summer was a lot of trying to figure out this parenting thing, get some sleep, and not feel fat anymore. This summer is going to be much, much better. Like, so much better.

We tagged along with my family to St. George for Memorial Day. We swam, visited with Granny and Grandpa Wilcox, played cards, and a lot of stuff that I didn't take pictures of. My dad did capture me and Norah enjoying the ride down:He also took my new favorite picture of all time:
Norah's hands are always too busy to to carry things. That's what her mouth is for.We also got a chance to go boating one weekend. Don't let her squint eyes fool you; Norah had a blast, which means that so did everyone else.

She got quite a thrill from standing and looking over the edge. I blame Nic for her lack of fear.

This past weekend was a bust, what will all the sickness and the vomiting. But you guys, we are going to have such a fun summer. Right?


firecracker said...

who was sick and vomiting?

Siouxzy said...

Those pictures are amazing!