Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An end

I wish I could call this post "the end," and top if off with a "screw you cancer" just for kicks. But unfortunately I'm learning that cancer doesn't really end. It's like some sort of clever metaphor that I can't come up with right now because I'm too mad at cancer.

But you know what, cancer? My mom made it through 12 rounds of chemotherapy, so you can suck it.

I could never begin to describe what this year has been like for my mom--I'm sure I don't know the half of it myself. But what I can say is how proud I am of her and how thankful I am for the doctors, nurses, family, and friends who have made cancer treatable and this time bearable.

At the treatment center, each patient rings a bell when his or her treatment is complete. Norah and I got to help my mom ring it on Wednesday. It was a good day.

Get well soon, Mom. We love you.


Julia M. said...

This absolutely makes me cry. Your mom is an incredible woman, and I'm glad you've all survived these 12 rounds of chemotherapy!

Alissa Rae King said...

I feel like a I needed a few days to process that video. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that we can kick cancer in the butt and grandma's can ring bells with shiny grand babies.

I love you, and your baby, and your MOMMA with ALL MY HEART!