Friday, February 3, 2012

"You ruined everything in the nicest way"

This is only three minutes of what went on for over an hour. Such excitement rarely happens at bedtime, but if you ever meet Norah at 6 a.m., you will be overcome with jealously and also a little angry that someone can be so happy just to be awake.

Norah is this tiny, amazing person who lives in my house and demands all of my attention. And I made her. No, seriously. This will continue to blow my mind until the end of time. I am also still taken back by how much I like her. Like, I knew I would love her and stuff, but I, like, like like her.

I read this blog recently simply because the graph is hilarious. (You know, for the children.) But the whole thing made me want to stand up at work and give this guy an Amen! Because what Norah is giving back to me is the first years of my life. Every morning it's either me or Nic who is saying that we'd just like to feel as good as Norah for just one morning of our lives. But we totally did, we just forgot what it's like. Norah is reminding us how awesome it is to be alive each day. And, you guys, it is so incredibly, amazingly, awesomely awesome.

She really has ruined everything in the nicest way.

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Julia M. said...

She is hysterically funny! I love how you said she is giving you back the first years of your life. Agree!