Monday, October 15, 2012


As a highschooler in Alpine, I came across a little white kitten living in the bushes near the side of our house. To claim her as my own, I spent days coaxing her into a sense of security. I set food out every morning and sat down to watch her eat. Each time I would sit a little bit closer to the food bowl until she finally let me hold her.

This is not unlike how I tricked Norah into letting me do her hair.

At first I was not allowed to touch. Then I could sometimes sneak in a clip. One day I managed to get a ponytail holder in there. And slowly but surely, we got to the point where she usually lets me do her hair.

A haircut, however, seemed like it would be asking too much. Until recently, which is why the pictures of her first haircut are coming when she's well over two years old. We finally said goodbye to the baby mullet, and she did awesome! It helped that Cookie Cutters had special seats, a TV, balloons, candy, and sparkle hair spray.

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