Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't see me, baby

Though they have "known" each other since the smaller darling showed up, when they met again last year Norah couldn't take her eyes off that Big Alice Girl, which inspired the first sentence spoken in their friendship: "Don't see me, baby." As you can see, a year later they have been able to move past that, but as parents we are allowed to say it for the rest of our lives and make t-shirts. 

(Because I'm brain dead, that was is blatantly plagiarized from Alissa's Facebook.)  

Our trip to California happened in, what? March, maybe? But Norah still talks about it ALL THE TIME. Things like "I went to Disneyland with Alice yesterday, "I saw Pluto at Disneyland yesterday," "We flew on an airplane to Alissa's house yesterday," There was a lizard at Alice's house yesterday," "We went swimming with Alice yesterday." The girl is obsessed, and with good reason. JUST LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!

Oh, and we're still working on the concept of "yesterday" not meaning "anything that happened in the past."  


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Alissa Rae King said...

I CAN'T WAIT to show that picture of them in the bath to future boyfriends. I. Can't. WAIT.