Thursday, May 1, 2014

More races

We've done two more Spartan races so far this year. Well, I did one and then Nic and Norah did another. Nic was not well for the one in Temecula in January (you'll have to ask him what was wrong), and I was not well, i.e., 20-ish weeks pregnant, for the one in Las Vegas in April.

Given that the race in Temecula was on a lake shore and the race in Las Vegas was in a gravel pit, I don't feel too bad about missing out in Vegas. Here I am trying to do the barbwire crawl without swishing the tiny little critter in my belly:

We also got the Kings to come join us! Even more awesome is that Jon bought a season pass to the races, which means we get to see them even more throughout the year.

I wasn't thinking clearly so I didn't bring Norah to California even though Alice Jean King was going to be there. Her and Russell ran the kids race, and I made Nic promise not to tattle on me to Norah about the whole thing.

 Prego lady!

For the Vegas race Nic was on top of things and made sure that we brought the kiddo to have a campover and run the kids race with her bestie.

Sorry, Nic. I didn't get pictures of your race, but how adorable are these?!?

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