Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meet the fam

Role call kids, youngest to oldest:

Meet Moxie. Don't let the peaceful photo fool you, she rarely holds still. She steals our pillows and hogs the covers. She can run using only two legs and jump more than five feet to get to Nic in the running Jeep. She completely lives up to her name, and then some.

Welcome Sup. He came to us last June as a dog friend for Moxie. He is big, fat, and beautiful. Beauty doesn't come with much brains though: He taught Moxie how to get in the house through the back door and then promptly forgot how to do it himself. But, oh man, does he ever look good in a life jacket.

And then there's Sally and Hobbes. I made it two months of marriage before I got any pets. The problem was our apartment didn't allow animals, so we had to frantically hide the cats each time the door bell rang. (It was a fun four months.) Alissa and I both fell in love with them at Petsmart on separate occasions though, so we know we had to rescue them.

Hello Nic. May your mustache live in infamy! Seriously though, this guy is the hardest-working person I know. Sometimes I feel bad when I leave for my cushy job after him and get home WAY before him...but not that bad. And without sounding too lame, Nic is my other half. No really, he knows everything about everything I know nothing about, and I think that is rad.

Last, but not least: Me. Seven months older than Nic, I am the family senior and current budget planner. Functioning as Nic's other half, I can spell with the best of them and love to lounge around with a good book. I just filled out a whole About Me/Profile thing, so I guess you can check that out if you really want more.


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