Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old adages and a broken cell phone

My dad has a lot of little sayings I remember from growing up. He used to sing, "Erin, Erin, the Mormons are after you. If they catch you, they'll make you a Mormon too," which I never truly understood until I was a missionary and then lived in Eagle Mountain. And then at seemingly inappropriate times, like when I was in Texas for my brother's wedding reception, say, crying over my recently ended engagement, he looked at me and interjected, "You know, it never gets any easier than it is right now." That one was my least favorite just because each time he's said it to me, he's always been right...and people wonder why I'm afraid to have kids.

Appropriate for this week is his saying, "How can I miss you if you don't go away?" which I've also found to be true on many occasions, like when my cell phone stopped working on Sunday. Either I only started needing my phone this week, or I've just been in denial about how much I rely on it. Nic will laugh when I admit this, but I miss you, cell phone. It's hard to function when I'm picking my mom up from the airport and my phone won't dial. Then I'm on 90th South and need to know where the nearest Rumbi Island Grill is. Stopping at the gas station pay phone is way too 1990. Who does that anymore? And then there is the loss of my text messaging capabilities. You mean I have to talk to people face to face rather than communicate via various acronyms? OMG!

According to my dad's adage, it takes losing something to really appreciate it, and I'd say I've learned my lesson. Come back cell phone, I need you. But I still can't promise I'll answer you all the time.

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