Tuesday, September 9, 2008


One of my favorite stores ever is Anthropologie, even though I don't usually purchase much there--unless I find it in the clearance corner at the back of the store. So ask me how excited I was when Nic showed up with a brand new fall jacket that he got from Anthropologie (not even on sale) for our anniversary. Pretty excited.

He made out pretty well himself though: He's now rocking out all day at work with his new iPod nano and special noise reducing headphones.

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lissarae said...

I love you, so I say this with love, if you want more days like this NEVER have children.

Because I love you, and nano's and jackets turn into REAL Maters, preschool, clothes that fit for a week, shoes that fit for a day, groceries groceries groceries, enough wipes to fill a stadium, oh... and plastic surgery if you ever want to look like yourself ever ever again.

So don't do do what I did... have FUN, not babies.