Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Growing up, my dad would go to photography workshops in Maine and would always take us along. What could be better than the beach, seals, puffins, crazy raccoons, loons, and Maine Coon cats? To me, nothing.

I'll be reliving this all next week while spending the week at a lake house with the fam. On our way we're going to also hit DC, Boston, and NYC, and I. Cannot. Wait.

This will also be Nic's first Wilcox family vacation. Four years of marriage and we've finally pinned him down.


Mike & Em said...

oh man - again...jealous. we want to vacation ANYWHERE at this point, but Maine and the East Coast seems like a blast! Excited to see some sweet pics when you're back!

Alissa Rae King said...

Is that you?! I like your puffin shirt! That is a great picture, I hope your trip is going well and you found a place to wash your UNDERWARE!