Sunday, June 7, 2009

Safety dogs

We took Sup boating the summer we got him and quickly realized that he was not a typical water dog: as he tried desperately to climb up on the boat, he all of the sudden realized it was futile, gave up, and started sinking. That's when I invested in a doggy life jacket. I bought a second life jacket when we came home from the lake and thought Moxie's tail was broken. Turns out that Labs can get something called "cold water tail," meaning that it pretty much looks like their tails are broken (all limp and sore) for a couple days. Weird. But we hoped that if Moxie wore a life jacket, it would require less of her tail and avoid any future cold water tail issues.

So that's why my two sporting breed dogs wear flotation devices in the water.

This weekend we took them and the jet skis to the lake. They. Loved. It.

The most entertaining part is how worried they get when Nic takes off on a jet ski; they try as hard as they can to save him from what in their minds could only be an imminent watery demise.

Once they realize that they are not as fast as jet skis, they nervously watch and wait on the shore.

The best part? When Nic is all done and safely back on dry land. Take a look at these three. How lucky can one girl get?


Mike & Em said...

aww - what a sweet family! How lucky are you to just go to the lake whenever? geesh - pretty spoiled.

Alissa Rae King said...

"imminent watery demise" hahahaha

You know, we used to have an entire song about Buster the Safety Dog (who was usually known as Buster the Wonder Dog except when he had on his life jacket). Unfortunately we did not have a dog jacket, we just used an XL 'human' one and duct tape. true story.

LOVE that last pic, very funny and sweet. nic must not have known you were taking it.

Stefanie said...

That is awesome! I love the doggie life jackets! And yes - you're a lucky girl :)