Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Because Nic is so handy

As we tore out our master bath last weekend, I realized that I haven't mentioned that we finally got our main floor finished. So yeah. We finished it like months ago. That just shows you how on top of things I am. I love love LOVE the new floor though. I highly recommend that all laminate be replace with natural stone or something equally awesome.

My favorite part about our new floor is that it stays cool. That's why I can count on finding Sup enjoying its amazing coolness each morning. I have no idea why he insists on laying with his feet elevated on the wall. He may have been dropped on his head as a puppy.


E.M. said...

haha - excellent. i envy your natural stone flooring - you should see our super psychadelic laminate in the kitchen...oh boy.

funny that sup does the leg push-off-the-wall-thing. riley does it all the time. and if he's laying by me - he insists to push against my body some how. personal support i guess?

Scott and Stefie Shoell said...

Cute!! And the floor looks great.

Alissa Rae King said...

that dog is (as we say here) "Smart! S-M-R-T!" and he looks just like I feel after I drop Russell off at school