Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm too tired to even worry about rotating pictures: That about sums up my week in Minneapolis. I can't say much about convention because, well, I like my job and there seems to be a universal rule that blogging about work always ends badly. We came away with some REALLY good stories though. But here's some visuals from my week in Minnesota (stolen from a coworker's Facebook page).

We did a lot of walking from the Marriott to the convention center and back again. The best part: Thursday there was a farmers market and the streets were FULL of homegrown goodness.

This is actually after we had torn everything down on the last day. We're smiling because it's over.

Celebrating at Dave and Busters, where I won 1,000+ tickets. Come to find out that 1,000 tickets is mere chump change.

The saddest part: Moxie and Sup slept by the door all the first night waiting for me to come home. And all this time I thought they only loved Nic!

Nic didn't fare much better: I was gone five days and came home to five ramen noodles wrappers, which is funny because I don't cook while I'm home, so what's with all the ramen?


Stefanie said...

Poor Moxie and Sup! They missed their mother.

Alissa Rae King said...

haha! I like the picture on the top that is too tired to stand up straight. And I miss moxie and Sup already! I bet they could wear russell out in a doggy minute! Glad you had fun and I don't care what they say 1000 sounds like a lot of tickets!