Friday, February 19, 2010

Because he was jealous of all my ultrasounds

Growing up without health insurance, Nic has always had a no ambulance rule. Meaning that say he completely shattered his ankle racing motocross, he would refuse the ambulance because he didn't want to get stuck with the bill. I, however, do not abide by that rule, which is why the ambulance transported him to American Fork hospital this morning, not me. I wasn't about to be stuck in traffic with a husband writhing in pain--send me some paramedics!

The stupid part is that after an ambulance ride, x-rays, CAT scan, ultrasound, blood tests and A LOT of morphine, they still can't tell us what caused his severe abdominal pain. We have a suspicion that it's his gallbladder, even though the ultrasound didn't show any stones. So six-ish hours later we got sent home with Lortab and some well wishes.

It's frustrating because A) I've never seen anyone in that much pain, which had to have been caused by something wrong and B) What in the world are we supposed to do if it happens again? Go back to the ER and hit him up with more morphine?

On Monday we're going to Nic's primary care physician who will hopefully refer us to a specialist who will take some more time to figure out the problem. Does anyone out there have experience will gallbladder problems? He's already had his appendix out, so we know it's not that...

This also proves that I will never in my life be sicker than Nic. I'm growing a person here and he up and gets hauled off to the hospital. How do I compete with that?


Rick Wilcox said...

Be sure and let us know what the diagnosis turns out to be. Good Luck.

Stefanie said...

Wow I'm sorry. That had to be scary. Did he accidentally have some milk? I hope they find out what's wrong.

Tricia said...

Just wait until labor day. You will not only be a competitor, you will be a winner!!!