Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Norah!

There it is: Proof that Baby Norah is a girl! Or at least that's what our doctor told us this morning; I guess we'll just have to take his word for it because really, that doesn't look like anything to me, boy or girl.

I have my 20 week appointment at the hospital next Monday where apparently I'll be subjected to all sorts of poking and prodding and will have a better ultrasound--which will hopefully confirm baby's gender beyond an 80 percent chance. But according to my doctor today: "That's either a girl...or a boy with a really embarrassing pee-pee."

It's nice to finally have some info on this thing growing inside of me. I still haven't felt her moving around in there yet, but many of you know that I'm not exactly dying to feel something kicking. in. my. insides. Kinda weirds me out still, I'm not going to lie.

Other fun facts:
  • I thought I was over the nausea until I had to leave work early and didn't quite make it home before I had to pull off the road and throw up. So now I've hurled at work, home, and on the side of the road. Maybe next will be the grocery store?
  • I haven't had anymore breakdowns and have generally been quite happy. Nic really did throw away that book I was reading.
  • Not so fun to find out was that I've gained seven pounds over the last month. I wasn't too concerned until my doctor told me to try to lay off the carbs. Nice. I don't think you can ever win; at my appointment in January I had lost three pounds and that wasn't so great either.
  • Nic claims to not have a gender preference and is excited about having a girl; I am excited to go shopping!


Mary said...

yay girl! congrats!

Julia M. said...

Hooray for Baby Norah! I'm sure you'll feel her move soon. I'm sure it won't be as weird as when I made you feel Finn from the outside of me. :) You might like it!

Amanda said...

Yay for girls. And btw, be glad you can't feel her yet. You will wish she'd stop at some point in the near future. I am usually awake for 2-3 hours during the middle of the night because someone doesn't want to sleep and wants to play and I don't have the luxury of sleeping in later. Buy some babylegs. I think they're the cutest.