Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last year

Per tradition, we had lobster flown in from Maine for New Year's Eve. Well, I didn't have lobster--I'm still not convinced that's it's delicious. But it's probably one of my dad's and Nic's favorite things, which means that it's one of my favorite things too.

Norah loved sucking on the shrimp. And I only mention this and post pictures after I Googled "babies and shellfish" and learned that after six months it's okay to try seafood for your baby. I guess typically you're supposed to wait a year, but since I found at least a few references that said earlier is okay, I don't feel like we need to alert Child Protective Services. Though I guess I should make it a habit to do my Googling before I let Norah try whatever it is we're eating.

I always feel bad for the lobsters. Thankfully no one took it upon themselves to chase me around with one this year.

Again, thanks to my mom and dad for a great evening. Sorry I don't like lobster, but I do think that how much Nic enjoys it is enough for the two of us.

(Interesting side note: As soon as I published this post I got and advertisement to order fresh Maine lobster. Creepy!)

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