Monday, February 7, 2011

On cabins and crawling

We spent the weekend with my family in a cabin near Evanston, which was so much better than Nic having to work on Saturday. And even better? There were eight extra hands to help entertain my little Army crawler.

Not pictured: the outdoor hot tub and snowmobiling. We got Alexi to jump out of the water and roll in the snow with us and I only tipped the snowmobile once. Both count as a win.

Norah is officially mobile and it's officially adorable. She scoots and rolls like a little caterpillar all over the place. She went from Friday night not being able to get around to Saturday morning all of the sudden cruising everywhere. How did that happen?

And have I mentioned that she also got her two bottom teeth? She did. Alexi knows from experience.

Thanks again to my mom and dad for giving us an excuse to get out of town. You guys should totally buy a cabin.


Julia M. said...

Look at that glee on her face as her daddy throws her. How did you ever catch that picture?

It's amazing how quickly babies learn, huh? My favorite has been that Phineas had two signs at 12 months, and a month later he had 12 signs and 5 words! Hooray for communication!

Alexi Wilcox said...

OUCH!!! That actually really hurt haha

Alissa Rae King said...

oh, the tylenol bottle! best teething toy ever! And tell alexi I LOVE her shirt :)