Saturday, March 5, 2011

So much sunshine

The sad part about writing this post is that it means we're back to real life and no longer living like we have all the time and money in the world in Hawaii. I love pretending like the only responsibility we have is deciding which shrimp truck we want to visit for lunch that day. Hint: Giovanni's was my favorite. But our trip was perfection, filled with sun and sand and lots of time with our little girl.

Norah was the best traveling baby ever. And I can say that with confidence because I've traveled with Colman as a small child. Sorry, Colman.

Norah was fine with the sand, but wasn't too sure about the grass. For some reason she didn't think it would let her move.

We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, which I cannot recommend enough. Here's the view from the pool, which Norah also loved.

And can I tell you how much fun it was traveling outside of Utah with a chubby, blue-eyed baby? Nearly everyone we talked to ended the conversation by congratulating us. Now that's just good for morale.

Maybe the title of this post should be Norah Goes to Hawaii, because, really, that's what 99.9 percent of these pictures are.

But can you blame me? Crochet hat and sun dress--how could I not take a million pictures?

Courteney Cox's daughter, Coco, thought Norah was adorable too.

Yes, that Courteney Cox.

While Nic was surfing, Norah and I were hanging out on the grass and a little girl started playing with us. Turns out that little girl belongs to Courteney Cox, who was filming Cougar Town at the resort. So we hung out with Coco and her nanny until Courteney came and introduced herself. Crazy huh? Then there was a paparazzi guy snapping photos and her nanny left to get security, which left me and Norah sitting with Courteney and her daughter for the longest time. She wasn't very happy about the photos, which is why I didn't ask to get a photo with her (you know, I had to play it cool), but I did snap a few after security got involved.

Oh, and then we Googled "Courteney Cox, Hawaii" and the pics that guy was taking did make it online.

I wonder how much I could sell mine for...

And now for more pictures of Norah:

Like always, she thinks the most entertaining things are her hands and feet. Look around you baby!

I only got one not-so-good picture of all of us together. Most pic are of Nic and Norah because he literally carried her all over Hawaii for five days straight.

Oh, and you could see humpback whales from our balcony. Ask me how excited I was. Whales were breaching. Outside my window!

We also went whale watching, where again, Nic was on baby duty while I watched and waited.

If any of you watched Lost, you may remember this waterfall as where Kate and Sawyer find the briefcase. So pretty, but way too cold for a baby to swim in. Fun fact: We also randomly saw Hurley from Lost at our resort too.

So have I sufficiently convinced everyone that we had a blast? Basically we want to go back, like, right now.


Stefanie said...

Amazing pictures!! That looks like a wonderful vacation! And Norah just keeps getting cuter.

Julia M. said...

I am ridiculously envious. And your baby really IS that cute, even in Utah. But I guess there are just lots of babies here, huh?

That hat is to die for. I hope I have a baby girl some day so I can steal the ones you made for Jenna. You are so talented!

Tricia said...

I just booked a trip to Hawaii yesterday! Yahoo! We are taking Charlie and I was a little worried that I would be sad about that, but your post made me super excited to have her along.

P.S. I want to come have lunch with you ladies soon. Emily said after the Mexi-Raindrop she could do it. So in another couple weeks. :)