Monday, April 30, 2012


On a lighter note, Easter happened, which was actually more like three days of Norah eating more candy than she's ever had in her entire life to date. The weekend proved to me, yet again, how blessed we are to have such an amazing support system. For example:

What kid coloring Easter eggs has the complete attention of six adults? Seriously. I hope it doesn't go to her head--but then again I kind of do. Not to get too serious again, but there is just so much in her life that I won't be able to control. She will, however, always know that she is loved.

And we love her even though she can be a giant turd, as evidenced by Nic's fist shaking. She really likes telling everyone "No!" and "Mine!"

She even stared down my dad. Apparently he was doing it wrong.

A lot of our time was spent re-dyeing eggs. It went like this: Drop egg in dye, get spoon, lift egg out immediately while shouting "Get it get it get it get it get it!" Repeat. And repeat. And repeat again and again.

When it was time to go, we could not get her to let go of the paints and brush she was using. She clutched onto them the whole way home and ended up going to bed with them still in her baby death grip. I think she had a good time.

Eagle Mountain city had an egg hunt that began and ended in about five minutes. But check out this Easter baby mullet:

We also had an egg hunt at Grandma Stewart's with Norah's cousins. And you know what is so awesome? Norah is finally at an age where we can go to Grandma's house and she will actually play with all these cousins she's lucky to have. It really is the best thing ever.

Here they are on the hunt:

Showing Dad her spoils:

Still excited to show Mom:

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Alissa Rae King said...

Your blog keeps rocking my world too late at night for me to leave coherent comments, but I have to say to the last two, go Norah Egg Queen! and Go Erin Life Living Person extraordinaire ! (hey, I warned you only half my brain is on right now)