Thursday, May 31, 2012

Broken record

Right now I feel like every other blog post for the rest of my life is going to say something to the effect of "Hey, we've been super busy living life, it's super awesome and exhausting, here's some pictures." And I only have one kid! Unless I can count two dogs and two cats as like 3/4 of a kid; or at least as a annoying nephew or someone who I don't like most of the time. I understand now why my mom had a one cat and one dog rule. THAT was being generous!

But listen, we've been super busy living life, so here's some pictures:

If Nic is home, you can bet money that Norah is standing on his chest and "bouncing!," which is more like having a 28-pound kettle bell hurling itself at his gut. Way fun to watch, but we do not "bounce" on Mom.

Did you notice the for sale sign in the first picture? Our house if totally for sale, but it's totally not going to sell for what we want it to. We put it on the market to see what would happen. If it does sell, we'd like to move to the Millcreek/Holladay/Sugarhouse area. But I have already cried a couple times at the thought of moving, which leaves Nic wondering what in the world is wrong with me. You see, I have a hard time making friends and I have really good friends who live about 100 feet from my house, so why would I want to change that? I could go on and on but then you would be right there with Nic wondering what is wrong with her? Here is Norah with the neighbors in a wagon we got when the three of us ditched the husbands and kids to go garage-saleing and subsequently filled up Nic's entire truck bed with treasures. Why would I want to change this?

We also love the parks all around our house.

Nic is currently obsessed with fishing. Like get-up-at-3-a.m.-and-drive-to-the-lake obsessed. For Memorial Day he agreed to leave at 7:30 a.m., so we agreed to be present. On our way to the mountains, we discovered that Norah gets car sick, which is why she's wearing a jacket, gloves, boots, and shorts. I'm impressed that I even remembered to pack another set of clothes.

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e.m. said...

you. have. a. canoe. ???? !!!!
and boots. well done.