Thursday, July 5, 2012

About the month of June...

Any time Norah sees something out of the ordinary--something that is particularly large, strange, unexpected, or awesome--she says, "It's a big one!" But she kind of slurs the sentence together so it comes to life sort of like "is-a-big-whon." It's our favorite thing that she does right now. Nic comes home with a different truck: It's a big one. I give her a piece of pizza: It's a big one. Moxie and Sup run by really fast: It's a big one.

So about June: It was a big one.

Our trip to California for Russell's birthday started it off. Because what better excuse to take one last trip where Norah flies for free? Although she could have left the attitude at home, as I captured so perfectly here:

And here:

It's as if she has no idea how few kids get to go to California, like, four or five times before their second birthday.

We celebrated Ham Lincoln style, complete with a life-sized Lincoln log house.

And a group of adorable kindergarteners.

This birthday boy is extremely lucky to have the best party-throwing mom pretty much in the universe. You can check out a full slideshow of the event on Alissa's blog. I was behind the camera, but I swear I was there and it was extremely awesome and I'm pretty sure I'll have to do it again next year.

I'm lucky I got to be a part of this guy's special day. Thanks King family!

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