Sunday, July 22, 2012

And now I have a 2 year old

It didn't seem so worth it when Nic and I were blowing them up at 10 p.m., but filling Norah's room with balloons to wake up to on her birthday was a huge success.

After getting her dressed for our Build-A-Bear adventure, I was able to get one picture of her behaving.

And then she remembered that she just turned 2, so she doesn't have time for things like picture taking or obedience.

Have you ever been to Build-A-Bear? It's a magical money pit where one Hello Kitty will cost you $50. Norah loved it.

We let her have her pick and we ended up with what she calls Purple Kitty, complete with a tutu and sparkly sneakers.

She proudly paraded around Fashion Place mall, where we ended with her favorite: Ice Cream! Actually, frozen yogurt with strawberries, but I also call carrot muffins "cake" to get her to eat them. Don't tell her that I'm a liar sometimes.

Her birthday celebration actually lasted a week. We celebrated at Dennis and Debbie's, where some of the most adorable present opening I've ever seen happened.

And we celebrated on the boat when the Wilcoxes were home from Virginia. Which really was fun, although you wouldn't know it from our faces right here. Norah got pulled on the tube for the first time!

Thanks again for all the love. The last two years have been full of more help and support than I could have ever hoped for. We're a lucky bunch!

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e.m. said...

oh my land. you have a child - not even a baby. she's a baby-child. weird! but also fantastic because she is simply the cutest pig-tailed-blonde-haired-charming-smiling 2 year old anyone could ever meet! what a blast, particularly seeing the two of you as such awesome parents to said awesome child.
happy birthday to norah!