Saturday, July 7, 2012

And then we flew to Virginia to throw up on Josh's white carpet

Having Norah on a set schedule is awesome when we're home. We all know exactly what to expect. Take her out of her routine though and you will pay dearly--which makes her a horrible traveler. Add that to a stomach virus and I give you our week in Reston at Josh and Jess's house.

Norah started puking the night we got there and didn't stop until the day before we left. Luckily, my mom was prepared to drive Jess to the hospital in case she went into labor, so she knew her way around to take Norah and I to the emergency room at 4 a.m.

The idea was that Norah and Ellie would play and that me, my mom, Alexi, and Jessica would have a girls' week before little Piper was born. Awesome, right?

Here's what most of the week really looked like:

And did I mention that Josh and Jess have white carpet? Norah threw up all over their white carpet.

So we were the opposite of helpful and fun. But for me, it was nice to not have to be home by myself with a sick kid. I got breaks from the puke monster to go shopping and see an actual movie in an actual theater. Plus, I never get to see Josh and Jess, so it was great just to be able to chat it up and watch some reality TV.

My mom managed to get a picture of Norah looking happy and not ill on one of the walks she went on with the girls.

Norah was well enough for one outing. We all went to the Taste of Reston for food and a little carnival. So adorable to have cousins together!

Norah was not convinced that the carnival games were fun.

But she did enjoy the prizes.

A BIG thanks to Josh and Jess for being amazing hosts and to my mom for being so darn helpful as always. I really am so glad we got to go. Sure, I wish that Norah wasn't such a baby--but kids ruin everything, right?

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