Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Does anyone remember when I hated holidays? Okay, "hate" is a strong word. Maybe "apathetic" is more fitting. But then I had this little girl, who, surprise! makes holidays kind of amazing. And the best part is that each time we celebrate something, it gets more and more awesome because Norah gets more and more excited about doing it. Which is why Halloween (yes, I'm WAY behind) was so. much. fun.

We got Halloween books and made Halloween decorations. We talked about her costume and wore it all month long. We made Halloween cookies and carved Halloween pumpkins. We painted even more pumpkins and had a special Halloween movie night with Norah's little friends.

Oh, and Norah was Super Norah! and the dogs were supers too and we all went trick-or-treating for the first time. How much does her costume make you want gobble her up and swallow her whole? I somehow managed to contain myself.

Side note: Norah waited patiently for her costume to come in the mail. On the day it came, she of course wanted to wear it right away. The first thing she said when she got it on was, "I not fly!" She had been thinking all along that her super hero cape would make her fly. You know, like a super hero. I tried to explain and console her by telling her that Daddy could help her when he got home. She then waited on the couch for Nic to get home. Which looked like this:

So Nic pretty much flew Norah around in that cape for the entire month of October.

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Julia M. said...

How you contained yourself from eating her up, I have no idea. She is delicious.