Thursday, January 17, 2013


You guys, it's cold here. And it gets dark really early. Also, we've had some sort of disease--from strep to bronchitis--since the middle of December. And it is so very, very cold and gloomy. I keep telling Nic that this climate is not suited for humans, which is why I'm hibernating. And even though I do get some serious cabin fever, I am so happy to have a cozy home and a job that doesn't require me to leave it very often. And also, this girl:

Being inside so much has led to some interesting outfits.

It also led to Norah letting me curl her hair for the first time ever.

It has not led to any success on the potty training front. So far no bribe in the world is worth using the potty. And yes, that is a potty seat on her head.

Even when we do leave the house, Norah has now taken to having a strong opinion about what she wears. This is how we went to the babysitter today:

So, yeah. Hibernation. I still have catch-up to do clear back to Thanksgiving. It will come, slowly, just like everything feels right now.

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Jessica said...

YES!!!!!!!!! Love the curls! Sorry the weather sucks so bad.