Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Apples! and Halloween!

I don't want to talk about how I'm still posting about stuff from last year.

Apples happened! Norah was in heaven. In fact, she was so devastated when we told her it was time to go home that her poor little heart nearly couldn't take it. Grandma Wendy took pity and had her stay for a sleep over. What a lucky little turd, right? Of course, I'm referring to myself because how many people have parents who will just take their kid for the night on a whim?

And Halloween! Norah decided that she wanted to be Tinkerbell. I did my very best to convince her that she wanted to be ZOMBIE Tinkerbell. And I was pretty sure I'd convinced her too--until one day in the grocery store she looked at me and said she just wanted to be Regular Tinkerbell. Fine. Regular Tinkerbell.

We got her costume way too early and she insisted on wearing it all. the. time. Sup was not as impressed.

She even wore it to a friend's birthday party. Whatever.

Halloween day started at my work, where Norah demands candy each time I take her--and she always gets it, Halloween or not.

Why am I wearing that stupid bear hat and making that stupid face? Norah insisted that I have a costume and this is what I had. Our photographer at work sneaked around the corner and ended up sharing this gem with the entire company.

My work was followed by Grandma Wendy's and Papa Brian's BYU work, where she was one of the only children trick-or-treating and made quite the haul.

AFTER THAT we had trick-or-treating in Eagle Mountain with Mary, Korbin, Quinny, Kyler, Mel, Addy, and Jacob.

Notice that she would not use her cute Halloween bag. She only wanted a plastic grocery sack.

In addition to actual Halloween, Norah also had quite the Halloween month, including Halloween magnets and sugar cookies. So spoiled!

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