Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thanksgiving road trip, part II

For dinner on Thanksgiving, we had takeout nachos and tacos and it was divine. We then celebrated with a proper Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. When we went to check out at Trader Joe's, the guy was super confused as to why we would be purchasing all the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner the day after Thanksgiving. I couldn't get these weirdos to take a decent picture--but here it is: proof that it happened. And none of this was my doing, by the way. We supplied groceries; Jon and Alissa did all the actual work.

And now for the real reason this post needed two parts: more pictures! There is nothing more magical than a photo shoot at the beach with my favorite people. It didn't take Norah long to get topless.

Just two more of these best weirdos:

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