Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to reality

We were officially welcomed back to real life on Monday by our title company telling us we needed to come up with $2,500 to close our loan that day. (Thanks to my mom for coming through with the cash faster and with much less interest that one of those shady payday loan companies.) But it's officially signed and over with and we've even got a $600 check coming in the mail, which means we can even pay back the money we spent island hopping on the cruise...

Since it's a general rule not to blog about work, I won't go into may details about our fabulous Young Living Cruise other than I totally swam with sea turtles and even almost caught one by the leg. Sneaky little turtle, I'll get you next time! That was awesome and of course Nic was the belle of the ball. Most people thought he was the one who works for Young Living, and most of the cruise staff knew him by name. (Julia up at the Sea Breeze Cafe personally ensured him twenty hot wings each night at 11:00 and Soni our waiter even hugged him goodbye.) Leave it to Nic to make friends everywhere he goes. The only problem now is that we wake up and there's no freshly sliced pineapple and we go to bed and the covers aren't turned down and there isn't a chocolate on each pillow. How are we supposed to go on living like this?

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