Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Retro redux

Finished basement: About $5,000.
1950s-era couch and chair from KSL.com: $300.
Walking foot upholstery sewing machine and new, funky material: $1,000.

Having a husband who will do most of the work on "my" project: Priceless.
Jeeps, cars, boats, motorcycles...Nic is full of hobbies that he's had forever. Me, I never really put a finger on what my so-called hobbies are because they seem to change before my new hobby project is even finished, leaving me with left over stained-glass materials and a box of plates and cups I shattered to make a mosaic. I don't stop coming up with projects though, and my current hobby of the week is old stuff. Old windows, doors, furniture, I want it all.
But with my new hobby, I've also come up with a new angle: Get Nic involved. It's the perfect solution really; he's good at finishing things, and I'm not. So when he wanted to buy an upholstery sewing machine to do the interior of Mater, I was all for it--as long as he would help me reupholster my furniture. Now we're all prepped and ready to go, so as soon as we get back from the Young Living cruise we (and when I say
we remember I mean mostly Nic) are going to bring my couch into the 21st century.

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