Friday, May 23, 2008


Alissa and I met when we were both working in the children's department at Meier & Frank. I had no idea then that seven years later I would be completely unable to live without her. A little melodramatic yes, but for some reason she keeps telling me that she's moving to California in June, so I think I deserve a chance at some drama.

Last night Nic asked me when she's moving, and honestly, I have no idea. Some friend right? Really, it's just denial. I refuse to believe that she's leaving--and right in the middle of the new season of So You Think You Can Dance! Who else is going to understand my passionate crush on Travis from season two? No one else knows how much I hate that stupid judge Mary!

Alissa is my person who reminds me that everything is right with the world, even though I've been with her when nothing was. I think her husband, Jon, put it best: She's a jewel of a friend. I'm still hoping it doesn't happen (sorry Alissa) but if she really does move, at least I'll have an excuse to take a West Coast vacation--many of them.

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