Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Un-iversary

Before crashing on a wake board at Utah Lake, getting a concussion, and losing his wedding ring engraved with May 10, 2003, Nic had a daily reminder of what was almost the biggest mistake of both our lives: our original wedding date.

This Saturday is our official five year un-iversary, and once again I couldn't be happier that we called it quits three weeks before the first time we were supposed to tie the eternal knot.

For those who don't know the whole story here's a quick recap:

Nic and I met, dated, and were engaged for six months when we were both twenty. Dress, reception center, and invitations were all bought, booked, and sent. Then three weeks before we were supposed to get hitched, we called it quits. Nic decided to serve an LDS mission and was sent to Orlando, Florida. Independently of his decision, I decided to serve a mission too and ended up in Mongolia. We were broken up, but still kept in contact via snail mail. Then, because of planning that was not our own (I thank the man upstairs for this impeccable timing), I got home three days before Nic did and we got engaged like a week later and married the next month.

Now, our real anniversary is September 3, 2005, but to be truthful I think I like May 10 better. May 10 reminds me that it's usually the toughest decisions that have the greatest rewards and that anything really good in life is worth waiting for. Oh, and it also reminds me that we weren't the smartest twenty-year-olds.

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