Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Been there, tasted that

These days my family has been traveling to more and more exotic locations. As a cinematographer, my dad has been going to crazy places for work as long as I can remember--but in the past year or two, the two rugrats who are still living at home have got to tag along with him. Which sometimes leaves me thinking: What gives?

Case in point: This March, my mom and little brother, Colman, chillaxed on various Hawaiian islands while my dad was filming a documentary there. Then in April, my mom and little sister, Alexi, accompanied my dad on a shoot all over the Middle East. Totally awesome for them. Heaps of jealousy for me.

But the greatest thing about all their travels, for me at least, is the recipes my mom comes home with--and the fact that she is an amazing cook and is always willing to share the bounty. Their recent Middle East trip was especially beneficial. A month or so after they got home, my mom prepared the most amazing Israeli feast evar. Here's a brief sampling of the tasty goodness, custom-made welcome sign--courtesy Alexi--included:

Alexi's welcome was one of my favorite parts of the evening.

Hummus: A must-have for any true Israeli feast.

Israeli salad: Eat it alone or with your falafel--either way equals tasty.

Shishuk and falafel: Just like the sign said--it's all yummy.

So even though it seems like now is the opportune time to be living with my traveling parents--Colman and Alexi had better count their blessings--I'm glad I get a sampling of their wanderings. They show no signs of slowing down either, which gives me hope that I will join them for a few trips. Right now I've got my sights set on Budapest--keep your fingers crossed!

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